getting out there

One of our goals for 2011 is to get our wares out in the world a bit more, to establish more than an online presence. This is a daunting task, since it takes more time and time is generally less flexible when you are trying to meet people and/or participate in craft shows. Our online shop can be run 24 hrs a day, usually late at night.

This being said, we were very lucky to have an opportunity presented to us late last year. While showing at the Ravenna Neighborhood Holiday Sale, we were approached by the owner of a neighborhood hair salon, Essence.

Not only is Essence a full service salon, but they have an awesome commitment to feature local artists on the walls and handmade items on their shelves. There was interest in our wares, and space available, so we were offered some sales space in her shop!

So, as of last week, you can purchase Ravenna Girls Headbands at Essence Salon.


Pretty exciting, huh?

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