happy monday

happy to be officially starting the Christmas season!

B and I have lots to do and share in the coming weeks…

The decorating, the planning, the music… it has already begun around here.

Last week’s snowy Seattle weather blew nearly five inches of the white stuff to our house.  The city is just not able to handle the snow and it was proven yet again.  We were pretty thankful for just having grocery shopped, a big covered pile of firewood to burn, jobs were we could work from home, two coffee shops within walking distance being open, and of course our neighborhood video store.

We hope you and your family had a very happy Thanksgiving …

We spent Thanksgiving Day eating quite a lot, watching the parade and the Saints win, and taking a very cold beach walk.

And then we went over the weekend to get our Christmas tree.  You will meet him very soon….

: )

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