Time to get festive!

Big News!

the Ravenna Girls have been accepted to our very first craft show. While it might seem like one more thing to add to a crazy holiday schedule, we found a local neighborhood show that should be the perfect place for us to get started with non-online sales.

The craziest part is that it is coming up in just a couple weeks, so we’ve been working to beef up our inventory and with that comes crafting and with THAT comes an early influx of festive music. I’m fully feeling the festive Christmas spirit early this year and already there is so much eye candy around the web to get your mind started. One of my faves so far is the new digital issue of Sweet Paul Magazine. I’ve clipped my highlights to get your Christmas heart a-fluttering!

Bright and cheery wrappings
These wrappings would be gifts in themselves!
Awesome idea for repurposing sweaters
Light and modern ideas for a holiday brunch

Head over to Sweet Paul to check out more holiday delights. Light a fire, turn on your holiday tunes, and get into the season!

Also, if you live in the Seattle area mark your calendars for the Ravenna Holiday Craft Show.

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2 thoughts on “Time to get festive!

  1. Congrats on the craft show gig!

    If there’s anything I can do on my site the week of the show to help promote your wears, please don’t hesitate to ask. Send me info, pictures, whatever you like.

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