Our Tomato Solution

I, D, always say… when in doubt… all fruits are good as a chutney. 

Keeps for quite a while in the fridge… good on meats, cheeses and breads… perfect last minute appetizer edition…


Green Tomato Chutney (adapted from this article on DigginFood, a GREAT recipe site)

Green tomatoes diced.

1-2 green apples, diced (depending on how many tomatoes you’re using)

Chopped onion (1 medium )

Currants (1/4 cup)

Apple cider vinegar (about 2 cups, or until the liquid covers most of the ingredients)

Brown sugar (about 1 cup)

Fresh chopped or zested ginger (the recipe says a teaspoon…but we used a tablespoon at least.  D loves ginger…)

Salt and pepper to taste

Start by “caramelizing” the onions in a bit of sugar and a splash of vinegar for about 10 minutes. Then toss everything else in, cover and simmer about an hour.  You need a good amount of vinegar, which should turn syrupy and thick with the sugar. If it’s too liquidy you can simmer with the lid off and then let stand, uncovered, for the first 20 minutes while it cools.


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