The Story of our MGTs…


Many Green Tomatoes.

Once there was two best friends who grew tomato plants from seeds.  

Their stomaches  dreamed of canned tomato sauce all winter, BLTs galore, salsas and salads all with their little plants.

The tomato plants grew and grew, but slowly.  They soon took over their beds and got flowers.  But summer in the Pacific Northwest was filled with cloudy mornings.  Then it ended with lots of rain.

The rain and clouds slowly killed the tomato plants, now full of green fruit.

 And one day, the two sad tomato-lovers pulled out all the dying plants {and filled their entire compost collection bin with them!} … but they picked the yummy looking fruits.

All green, except for one small yellow one.  The token yellow-mater was cut in two right after this picture… and devored as a post gardening reward.  delish.


Even though they were small and green, they were still going to be eaten.   Not how we planned, but there are a whole lot of green tomato recipes out there.  If you are looking for one, click here.

What do you think we did with our MGTs??

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4 thoughts on “The Story of our MGTs…

  1. Tomato blight has come to Woodinville and Kirkland! I was trying to let them hold on a ripen up (as quite a few were SOOOOOO close), but then we got an e-mail saying that tomato blight had come! And sure enough, I went there and all the tomatoes were disgusting. Sad.

  2. You can wrap a few in newspaper or brown bags and put them in a cool place. They will ripen, but will not be as sweet as a vine ripened tomato.

    You will just have to visit NJ for the best summer time tomatoes!!!!!

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