Garden CHOMP!


Meet our resident garden dwellers who LOVE our baby kale and cabbage plants!  {Look at what a pig that cabbage worm is!!!!!!!!!!!!}

They evidently did not get the memo that we would like these plants to grow and then WE want to be the ones eating!

What have we done? 

For starters, most of the summer we have been sprinkling some Slug-O around all of our leafy plants.  This fall though we need to be a bit more liberal with our applications though.  Slug-O is organic and completely safe for all animals … except the slugs.

When we noticed the first sign of the worms, we went out to our favorite nursery and bought some floating row cover.    It is like white fabric mesh.  The plants underneath it can still get air and water from the rain, yet the holes are too small for small bugs to get underneath.

So far.. it is working alright.  I think we still had a few eggs on the leaves when we installed the cover the first time.  But there is definitely progress! 

Hopefully with the sun today all our fall plants will grow grow grow…

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