whoa, hold the phone.

I am going to talk about Project Runway for a few minutes here…so don’t read this if you have not watched it yet…

We got home last night and watched it off our DVR.

All I have to say is you HAVE GOT to be kidding me.  How on earth was Gretchen’s mess dress in the top three??  I nearly fell off the couch when I heard. 

The challenge was to design a couture gown.  Then halfway through Tim Gunn came in and told them they had to also design a ready to wear look.

I will admit, I was a bit underwhelmed by the looks.  I really loved Andy’s… and Mondo’s was really good too… they both were definitely top tier material.

But GRETCHEN??????????  Are Heidi & Nina going blind?????????

Maybe this is couture at a Renaissance Fair… but…

In reality, where the rest of us live this is the ugliest thing I have seen this season.  I thought for sure she was going home last night.  And then she is on the top.  NO WAY!  I mean crushed velvet, magenta, feathers coming off of it, and a resemblance to a potato sack???????

I would personally rather see one of those early outfits of Peach come back to haunt us. 

But, really, what is going on over there at PR?  They keep harping on the taste levels of designers…but I am not sure they can talk.

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3 thoughts on “whoa, hold the phone.

  1. Totally agree! Although, I really didn’t like any of them except for Mondo’s, but April (I think that’s her name, diaper chick?) made something that was at least high fashion. This season has been so weird. Also, it’s not a surprise when they continue to ask them to make another look every challenge. What happened to making things out of creative materials?

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