Simple Veggie Storage

With the infusion of fresh fruits and vegetables this summer (from our own garden and our CSA box), storage to keep these fresh and delicious was becoming an increasingly tricky task.

I saw over on the Juniper Moon Blog that Susan and crew had researched and found that the recommendation for most veggies is to wash and store lightly in an absorbent towel. Susan, in response, whipped up some quick little baggies out of inexpensive IKEA dish towels so they’re all ready to go in varying sizes.

I loved this idea (they’re both CUTE and functional), so i stopped by IKEA one day, picked up 2 packs of towels, and sewed myself some. So far, they’ve been working terrifically. Our greens are staying crisper, onions and shallots staying good, etc. Thanks for the great idea, Susan!

Total cost: $4.

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2 thoughts on “Simple Veggie Storage

    1. Yeah, we totally do still use them. For the most part I’d say the’ve been great. Sometimes w/ lettuce, etc they almost pull too much moisture out, but usually I just spritz it with a little water, toss it back in the crisper and eat the next day. Better to be a little dry than soggy and moldy, I think.

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