celebrating the birthday b

and what says birthday more than lots of yummy food? and sunshine?  and mountains?



We went to Boat Street Cafe … we have been wanting to go there for a long time.  We seem to always have been side tracked though… but tonight there was no excuse.

It was the Birthday B’s special day…. and what says “Birthday B” more then a French bistro??

pickle plate = super yum!

seriously the best crab cakes ever. 


post boat street smiles from happy bellies..

and really….

what says Birthday B more then:



Cupcakes: Three ways (via cupcake royale.  of course.)

and a new Vinho Verde Rose….


Happy Birthday B!  Hope you had fun today!!!


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2 thoughts on “celebrating the birthday b

  1. I love Boat Street Cafe! I’m glad you got to go to OSP, too. Happy Birthday, Bri! Thanks for being such a good friend to her, Danielle! :)

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