The Twinsies

The Blana Babies

Kaylee Elizabeth, born on August 10th….5 pounds, 12 ounces


Ethan Tyler, born on August 11th…6 pounds, 10 ounces



They are so incredible, cuter then any picture could describe.

Dana and Blake, you guys did an amazing  job!  Everyone is happy and healthy!!!!!!!!  Congratulations!!!  We could not be happier for you — even if you (cough, Blake) played some mind games with us about the names and drove me (D, because B is much more patient apparently) nuts. 

We love you guys and Ethan and Kaylee … and are so HAPPY that they joined your family!!

{and that you let us visit them this morning.  you guys seriously rock!}

Here is Bri with Ethan… and Dana looking on!

And me with Kaylee….  look at her hair!

I am pretty really COMPLETELY THRILLED…. because I have been asked to be Kaylee’s godmother.  :-)

Kaylee and I…. day two!


oh, what, do you guys want equal blog time?  Ok, Ok,  we can do that.

Ethan and his dad!

(ps, you can read here, here and here about some things we did/made to prepare for the babies arrival!)

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  1. AWWW I can’t wait to meet them! Thank you for posting pictures! I had a sneaky suspicion you’d get a first peek at them!! YAY! I love love the one with Dana looking on… ok let’s be serious I love them all!

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