Sometimes life is just plain crazy.

And lately not in a good way.

Our friends Heather and Alex have a little baby girl named Madeleine.  She is just 9 months old.  {we posted about her birth HERE and a present B gave her HERE and Heather’s baby shower HERE…}

And over the weekend she got diagnosed with cancer.  Totally not expected, one of those one day fine the next day there-is-something-wrong type situations.

We ask you, whomever you are out there that reads this, for your prayers for this family.   Prayer for a tumor that shrinks quickly and responds to her chemo, that the nerve damage to her lower body will be undone, for easy nights of sleep so this whole family can get some rest, knowledgable doctors….

I wasn’t going to write this post, but frankly, I believe that prayer is really well…powerful.

Plus Madeleine was like extra smiley yesterday morning as we visited with her through breakfast and it was fun to take pictures of her : ) ….


hey! what are you doing taking pictures of me eating my breakfast? I’m not going to smile at you with that black thing over your face, D….

hey doctor, this is really interesting and all, but when are you going to stop talking so that I can get back to my fan club that is sitting here waiting to make funny faces at me?

ooo, clapping!

And Madeleine’s favorite part of all… the Navy let her Uncle Erik come home for a few days to see her in the hospital.  YAY!  Ok let’s get a picture…

M: oh hey Uncle Erik!

B : Madeleine, over here! 

M: why would I look over there?  I like petting my Uncle Erik’s hair!

M: Why are you shaking my toy over there?  Oh, yeah, I know I’m the cutest, but thanks for telling me!

M: Uncle Erik –lets forget this picture taking business and play this new game called who-can-stick-out-their-tongue-farthest!

M: That’s it! Off with your tongue!

{hugs to m’s amazing parents and kisses to baby!}

[to read more about m’s story… you can follow her mom’s blog here.]

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  1. Thank you so much for taking such great pictures of M for us. :) All I had was my camera phone, so these are great. Love you girls.

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