Let’s Canoe

Its been about a month since we took an afternoon to kick-off a bachelorette party with a lazy sunny canoe, and to be honest i had sort of forgotten i took these photos. But now that the sun is out most days i am reminded of this early kick-start to summer. Look at those clouds!

Darling Ducklings
MORE darling ducklings
Traversing the Montlake Cut
Happy Bride!
Dana and the twinsies (not pictured)
Turtle (quite the day for wildlife)
Cottonwood like snowflakes in May
drifting under a bright blue sky

I know i need to get all these things posted to an online album sooner or later, but work and travel and the house have been so crazy lately it just seems to sink to the bottom of the priority list. Probably doesn’t help that we share memory cards sometimes so the pics are always floating around between 2 cameras, lol.

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