a necklace for everyday

This spring, i’ve begun to get frustrated with my necklace collection. Its not that I don’t love all the necklaces I have, its that i seem to have a lot of specific “looks”. I tend to gravitate toward statement necklaces that are often bright and bold.

The problem, of course, is that necklaces with specific colors or necklines don’t just go with every outfit. So, i found myself often not being able to decide and I’d just go without. I didn’t just have a necklace that i could put on with just about every outfit, work and casual, no matter what i was wearing.

I headed to etsy in search of something simple, but modern, and with a little shine to not just feel blase.

Here are some of the ones I found in the search:





Belleza Mia

I finally settled on this piece from locallibrary because it has a little weight, durability, but also whimsy.

It arrived the week before we left for Peru, and I wore it the whole trip. It is just what I wanted: something light enough for everyday wear but still holds up without too much care. I love it!

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