…and we’re back

back to the USofA that is.

Back to work, back to life, back to our little lemon house.

I missed that house, by the way.  I even missed the backyard-in-progress that is a whole lotta work! 

The trip?  Amazing.  Seriously some of the most beautiful places I have seen, delicious food, adventurous outings, perfect sunny weather every day, gorgeous animals… the list goes on and on.

Peru is hands down incredible.

(and don’t worry, we will show you a lil of what we saw… we are trying to go through all the pictures now….)



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2 thoughts on “…and we’re back

  1. Hooray Peru! Sounds like you guys had a great time. Can’t wait to read about it (and see more pictures)!! Chris wants know if you tried the roast guinea pig….

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