a secret trip, filled with crafty goodies to share..

A few weekends ago now {seriously where does the time go???}  I took a little trip to New Jersey.   (remember my trips in Christmas and during beach going season?)

An awesome, longtime friend is getting married soon and has so kindly asked me to be a bridesmaid!   The weekend was the necessary pre-wedding festivities all rolled into one jam-packed celebratory time.  While I look back and think gosh, that was exhausting, it was also just really great.  It’s been far too long.. holidays, work, and obligations just always seems to get in the way when we both migrate back to NJ during the year.  We often squeeze in lunch, but it always leaves me wanting  just a bit more time to really catch up… more then just the basics of life.  So, while I totally am excited for Angie to marry someone great like Chris, I am also excited that this gives us more time to see each other this year!  It makes me miss the days of high school lunch and getting ice cream late at night and high school football games and summer days down the shore.

So now where was I.  ..  Oh, yeah, I went to NJ and there was a secret bachelorette and a secret bridal shower.  Now, before Angie thinks that I am using this post to publish pictures of her bachelorette….. let me just tell you, I’m not!  {sheesh, i mean my MOM reads this blog, people!}  … A big sigh of relief just was felt on the east coast…


{ps, do you ever laugh at your own jokes or is that just me?}

What I want to show you are some projects I worked on for the bride-to-be.  I secretly was crafting in the evenings and said gosh I cannot wait to blog about this!

First things first.. invitations.  I admit, I am pretty in love with making invitations these days.  All the inDesign I know and love, mixed with ample cutting and gluing.

Most of these invites came from an early idea amongst the bridesmaids to incorporate recipe cards into the shower.  We wanted the bride to have access to favorite dishes from family and friends… all handwritten out just for her.

That combined with my sketch of a dinner party and a trip to Paper Zone….

The recipe cards pull out from the inside flap.

Once at the shower, all the cards were placed in a recipe box made especially for  the bride – to – be by BullFrog Laserworks on etsy.

I am pretty in love with them.

And then, speaking of in love with and etsy shopping….

I had a pretty talented co-worker/friend/etsy shop owner/baby mama make this apron… (as modeled by the bride-to-be)

Oh, Amy Butler fabric, I love thee.  And the ruffles are pretty much my absolute favorite.  Thanks Jen!

And last, but certainly not least… I got my roving and needle.  Needlefelted birdies have become some of my favorite things to make lately.  These ones are bride and groom style. {kudos to b, the master veil sewer after i had a few failed attempts!} 

And critters that are guaranteed not to attack.

ha.  gosh, I am so funny lately!

Seriously, though, huge thanks goes out to the bride-to-be for including me in her very special-est of days!

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11 thoughts on “a secret trip, filled with crafty goodies to share..

  1. I do remember getting ice cream in highschool…and someone spilling it in the backseat of my car…while we waited in a field where they were not actually going to have fireworks on the 4th of July. LOL

  2. Ok, I officially LOVE the recipe card idea. What cute invitations!

    And the birds are just the cutest things ever.

  3. I LOVED everything, Danielle! You did such a wonderful job! The framed invitation is going up on our bookshelf, as are those too cute for words birdies. Most of all, I can’t tell you how glad I was that you came down to celebrate with me (for a whole weekend of AWESOME). That was the best part. Maybe next time we can recreate the past with half-priced appetizers at Applebee’s….

    P.S. Thank you for not posting “those” pictures. Sorry, Miss Lisa. I know I fell from grace with the NOLA birthday story….I need to protect my angelic reputation.

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