Backyard Progress – Part 1

Well, in some ways its been both slower than expected and quicker at the same time. At first we thought we were going to have to import soil for planting our raised beds. However, after digging only about an  eighth of the bed, we’ve been able to completely fill our deep dahlia bed and the adjacent raspberry bed. So, hopefully next weekend will be prime digging weather and we’ll be able to make more progress on patio excavation.

Firewood is about halfway chopped (thanks to Jonathan!), the planter against the house is done and planted, dahlias are planted, raspberries are planted, and the 3rd raised bed is in place.

Also (look to the left!) our rainbarrel is installed. It filled during the first rainstorm and only took about 2 hours to get that way, crazy! so, now we just need something to water.


Still to do:

1. Build and install 4th bed

2. Finish patio excavation

3. Place gravel and sand for patio install

4. Lay pavers (we have purchased about 60/200 that we will need)

5. Level out grass (there are several large holes from the tree falling) and plant new grass seed (this will have to be after our trip so we’re home to water it)

[Also – look how well the hostas transplanted :)]

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5 thoughts on “Backyard Progress – Part 1

  1. wow you ladies have been busy… the yard is looking great. i can’t believe how much progress you have made in the last 3 weeks. wanna come over and help us? ha.

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