no not yet, but soon!

stamp me stamp me!

vacation planning has begun!

Let’s preface this with… B and i go outta town often  (in fact i might be going to the airport tonight…and i will tell you what for next week when i come back). 

But, the last time we got a new stamp on our passports was February of 2008.  We went to Belize and a smidge of Guatemala with our friend {and now soon to be mom of twins!} Dana.

It was glorious.  Sun in February most specifically.

because, after all….


So, I got the itch.  The travel itch.  My travel backpack was growing sad in the closet.   I actually have had this particular place itch for quite some time.  We talked about it last year, but instead we bought a house.  While I would not trade anything about that decision….we both knew this year we wanted to give into our travel loving souls.

Where are we headed? 

It requires a passport.

It is a country in a continent that neither B nor I have ever been too. 

We need malaria meds again.  {a few crazy dreams are no match for a dream vacation!}

: )

it is home to THIS  Unesco world heritage site, which is where we are most certainly headed!

{and yes, we booked this trip months ago, pre mudslides.  and yes it is going to be open by then…}

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