first of march

it’s really like spring.

(yes!  even though we didn’t actually have winter!)

B and I are both back from our weekend getaways safe and sound.  (Although exhausted!)   Posts are in the works all about our fun!

For today though, its Monday and the start of a whole new month. 

And do you know what else March 1 brings?

The release of 5 of the first LEGO Games in the US!  How exciting is that!

The games all involve building with Legos and even have Lego dice!  {Legos plus building stuff plus board games = pure bliss for me!)

Unfortunately by the time I logged on today, the greatest looking game to me was on backorder already.   Creationary is like pictionary meets cranium meets Lego, apparently.

I can’t wait until I can get my hands on a copy!

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3 thoughts on “first of march

  1. Ok I SO want that! That is AWESOME and I think a perfect gift for the hubby (who still has seven billion legos awaiting Aiden when he’s old enough NOT to chew them) hmm mayhaps as a gift for a ‘going away’ party – hmm? :) Although who knows when THAT will be – but be prepared for a VERY IMPROMPTU goodbye party

  2. So I definately saw creationism and thought this was a spoof game about dinosaurs vs. Jesus. I’m a bad, bad Catholic….

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