life kind of feels like that lately.

It’s not a bad thing {most of the time} but I must admit there has been a new thing around here….making me smile these days.

the blossoms are here.

the first of the season.

oh, spring, well it’s here too!

there are feathery white ones around my office, and pink delicacies lining streets all over seattle.

But my favorite blossoms?

The ones outside the lemon house, for sure.

here is the first of many more blossoms to come.

{have a grand weekend everyone!  B’s in flight today, and hopefully back to seattle on Sunday as long as her paths are clear from some lingering winter on the east coast.  I’m off tomorrow for some pre-planned winter with the junior high youth group.  SO excited about a weekend of some quality time with the girls and God and just away from everyday stuffs.  later gators!}

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2 thoughts on “whirlwind!

  1. Cherry blossoms!!!! Maybe we should pack our bags for a visit. We just shoveled over a foot of snow AGAIN.

    Your photos will be great to take to my art class Saturday. We are painting cherry blossoms on canvas and using Van Gogh’s paintings of the blossoms as inspiration!!!!!

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