Weekend Recap

Sorry for the lack of posties lately. D and I are both on big deadlines at work AND we’re both leaving town this coming weekend (she for a winter retreat and me to visit sailor man), so its a crazy time.

Stay tuned, though, for some excitements because this weekend was a PRODUCTIVE one. Lots of work in the yard (it was 60 and sunny here in Seattle!) including planting, some indoor greenery, and garden design. We did some crafting, and we will maybe, possibly, finally post our bathroom redesign after all this time.

Until then, here are some random travel and inspiration pics to tide you over.

17th Century Church, Long Island, The Bahamas

Deals Beach: No Sand, Just Tiny Tiny Shells

This picture inspired our week. Can you guess why (look closely). Photo Credit: My dad

I think i might be ready for another vacation, lol
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