who else is obsessed with the olympics?

Or is it just us??

Hopefully not!

The opening ceremonies on Friday night were gorgeous.  Everyone kept comparing them to Beijing, but that just seemed crazy to me.  Beijing’s were ostentatious.   I would have been disappointed if Vancouver’s were like that.   Instead the ceremony was … northwesty.  I know, I made my own adjective up here, but it’s true.  I loved how each scene was really a celebration of nature using creativity, color and motion.  The thunderstorm scene  and the mountains that the snowboarders all in red danced down were my favorites.  O and the LCD screen on the ground when the iceberg was breaking up.  AND the tall tree forest that sprouted from the ground…

B liked the big, sparkly, glowing polar bear the best.

He was a cutey!

But, seriously, I am all about watching the olympics.  This past weekend I was feeling pretty darn crummy with some sickness and watching skiing and hockey on the couch was about all I had in me.   The coverage is on 4 networks… and um, I will admit I have set the DVR up to record every last minute of coverage.  That brings me to my next praise {and one you have heard before}…

DVR or TiVO or whatever you call your recordable box of wonder. 

Who in their right mind has the time or desire to watch all this Olympic action?  Seriously, not every qualifying event is facinating and not every Bob Costas interview actually needs watching.  And, well, we gave up commercials for the new year anyway.  

B and I can watch 5 hours of Olympic coverage in just 2.  It makes terriffic background for some new crafts, some computer graphic work, and some just plain work that we had to take home from our day jobs.

Not to miss events in our house  …. coming up:

2.15.10 Pairs free skate

2.16.10 Ladies Snowboard Cross Finals; Men’s Curling – Canada v Norway & Great Britain v Sweden; Women’s Curling – Sweden v Denmark

2.17.10 Women’s Alpine Downhill Final; Men’s & Women’s Short Track

2.18.10 Women’s Halfpipe Final; Women’s Hockey US v Finland; Men’s Curling Canada v Sweden

2.19.10 Men’s Super G Alpine Skiing Finals

2.20.10  Men’s Curling US v Sweden; Ski Jumping Finals; Men’s & Women’s Short Track finals

2.21.10  Men’s Bobsleigh final heat; Men’s Ice Hockey – Canada v US & Sweden v Finland

2.22.10  Ice Dance Finals; Women’s Hockey Semifinals

2.23.10  Ladies Figure Skate Short Program

2.24.10  Women’s Bobsleigh Finals; Women’s Alpine Ski Finals; Men’s Hockey Quarterfinals

2.25.10  Ladies Figure Skate Final; Men’s & Women’s Curling Semifinal; Women’s hockey medal games

2.26.10  Women’s Curling medal games

2.27.10 Men’s Curling medal games; Men’s Hockey Bronze medal game; Men’s Snowboarding, Alpine skiing and Bobsleigh finals

2.28.10 Men’s Gold medal hockey game; Closing Ceremonies

now, if only it was snowing…..

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