a new place I have been clicking…

I admit, I love reading blogs.  Google reader is, in my opinion, the greatest invention ever.  Yeah electricity is pretty nice.. and gw Carver deserves mad props yo kudos for peanut butter…

But seriously, without google reader I would go through weeks desperately trying to remember what blogs I click.  And then if I liked something in particular, what would I do?  I certainly cannot remember the 20 or so posts that I star for later use daily.  This year I even google-reader-starred items I wanted to buy as Christmas gifts.

In the past two weeks I have starred two posts out there in blog land that featured items from the same website.

I must have been living under a rock.. Because this is seriously my new favorite.

Chiasso is a modern home decor site….

and some of my favorites include [click the images to see more]:

{this doormat}

{a new bathroom hook or towel bar alternative}

{this hanger…great coat and purse hooks that fold up when not in use!}

{this awesome front entry switch and key holder!}

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