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 Santa Claus knows me well. Better than i know myself, perhaps. Because this Christmas, when my love of pom pom craft was in its very INFANCY, he brought me Clover’s Pom Pom makers, and now i am addicted. For purposes of this article, we will call Santa “D Claus” because thats the smarty who saw these pom pom makers at the fabric store and new i would lovey love. So, she brought them home in 4 sizes so all manner of Pom craft would be within my reach.

The clover pom makers are the same concept as the cardboard donuts we used to use growing up, but can be reused again and again. You just wrap the yarn around each half to your desired thickness,  cut along the center gap, tie up with an extra yarn bit, and pull the pieces apart. Voila! magic. and they only take about 15 seconds apiece. [Below is a photo of what it looks like with the yarn round but not yet cut]

As a celebration of my new Pom Pom makers, and to convince you to go buy a set of your own (they come in sets of two: S/M or L/XL), i’m bringing you a comprehensive round-up of pom pom crafts for every season and application. Enjoy!



flowers for your mantle

more flowers for your mantle (similar to the origami cherry blossoms we made last spring)



sweet gift wrap

pom pom pumpkin (and so fun to say!)

pine cone pom


zipper pulls

*craftystylish also has a great tutorial on using the Clover pom pom maker.

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3 thoughts on “pom pom

  1. I love love love them!!

    I may need to commission a pom pom rug and pop pop flowers of differing colors for different seasons and table decor. :)

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