An owl in the house

remember this little guy that kept cropping up at estate sales and blogs? well, he’s come to live with us!

so darling on his little perch

my friend Jo knew i needed a little cheering up after finding out Erik wasn’t coming home right away, so she tracked down the cute Avon owl and gave it to me as an early Christmas gift.

winter white

SO cute and perfect for cheering up the window sill, mantle, or centerpiece in during these long January days. Thanks, Jo!

in such great condition
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One thought on “An owl in the house

  1. You are very welcome! You deserve to smile and while Erik is far too large to abscond with (albeit a willing party to be absconded with I’m sure) he’d be a tad too heafty for my 100lb frame to schlep from VA. Sooo a cute little owl will have to suffice until we can formulate a plan 😉

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