Could we get away with this?

I LOVE the period details of our house (a Seattle bungalow built in 1922), but we are stumped for how to update a few of the spaces, namely the fireplace mantle and kitchen storage. Seeing these built-ins on nyt today made we wish a teensy bit that we had a space that could lend itself to some clean, mid-century lines like these. I would love to wrap our fireplace in thin wood slats and have a floating mantle just like that, but i think the curved ceilings and picture rail don’t quite jive. *pout*

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Ooh, la la

Although i think the wife in the article got the better end of the deal (she was pulling for “modern” while her husband wanted “traditional”), this is a good example of how you can combine traditional textures/aesthetic (in this case wood) with a modern sensibility. To create something that is classically modern without being too harshly “contemporary” (i find that folks get these terms confused a lot – true modernism featured many natural materials and was actually quite warm and inviting, not the steel and concrete lofts that many people imagine).

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