a christmas in two places

my (d’s) christmas was spent partly in seattle and partly with my family in new jersey.

it was double the fun that way!

The weekend before Christmas was spent in Seattle, being cozy at home by Matilda and exchanging gifts with friends.   The girls all went out for our annual dinner to exchange and celebrate.  {i was so excited about giving my presents i could barely sleep the night before!}  We had much to be thankful for, much to celebrate!  You will all see this coming year how big 2010 will be for friends of ours!

{I have planned some posts for the new year that include some crafty how-tos for some of the things I made for family and friends.   It has been so hard to wait to share them, but I didn’t want to ruin any surprises!}

B and I also saw the Christmas Ships near our house.   We stood on the banks of the lake where luminairies glowed, and listened to the Northwest Girls choir sing while riding upon ships adored with lights.  It was like magic.

I then carefully packed my remaining gifts into my luggage and boarded a plane. {and all of them arrived still looking darling this year!}

I spent a week in NJ visiting with family and friends, having a white Christmas, seeing West Side Story in the City, baking some Molly chocolate chip cookies, playing board games I received.  It was quite delightful, yet busy.  {and i ate my weight in stuffed shells and sauce and rice balls and cheese, yumyum!}

My family now opens presents on Christmas Eve {i just know that Santa delivers to our house early as continued thanks for all those great cookies we fed him all those years…} 

and as usual, i got some very thoughtful, neat-o, spledid things.  {you might even see pictures, if i ever unpack} ….But, much like my Seattle Christmas, I simply love giving gifts.

I love how excited i feel, when I know what’s in that box, when I imagine what the recipient will do when they finally lay eyes upon it.

Because Christmas is all about reminding us, all of us, how great gifts are.  How one day, a long time ago, we all received a gift of far greater magnitude then we can even realize.  Because of that gift of love, we are called to GIVE to others.  Not just on Christmas, but though gifts all year long.

we wish you a very happy, content,  peaceful, cheery, fulfilling new year.

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