A birthday of birthdays!

Birthday Princess Cuteness


 Today is a big day. And i mean, really big. Our darling D turns 25. And grand fashion i might add! Here is a visual recap of a wonderful holiday, birthday, festive weekend. Everyone wish D a fabu 25th year!  


whoa, fire!


First stop: Viscosity Studios for a glass-blown Christmas ornament workshop. Read more at Jo’s blog.
Half Birthay, Half Christmas!


anna joyce table runner



 Followed by some gifties
Lights through our glasses


Greenlake Pathway of Lights


 And walking around viewing some holiday twinkle with these awesome glasses that turned every point of light into a star or “Merry Christmas”
Birthday Chicken!


And then day-of Zuni Cafe Roast Chicken and. . .
Fabulous sticker for a fabulous lady!


Make a Wish!

 Cupcakes (while wearing the perfect sticker for the smart, exciting, and good-looking birthday girl. 

Happy Birthday, darlin! Here’s to a great 2010 ahead. 

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