meet matilda

highly anticipated is the trip to get the tree.

We often go out to the east, over the mountains and through the woods style.

Mountains around, snow on the ground, and hundreds of healthy evergreens to choose from.  {they don’t call washington the evergreen state for nothing!}

This year we went over Thanksgiving and had a few tree seekers in tow….

here is each with their very special Christmas tree…


and the first tree of our first house.

I am a good timber-shouter.

the sky was blue, the ground a blanket of untouched snow.  As the sky turned pink for us, and the mountains glowed, we carried our trees home.

mmm our tree.  she is perfect!

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3 thoughts on “meet matilda

  1. Ok that picture with all of you and the tree is fabulous! That must go in a frame. :) Your tree looks similar to Dana’s (at least species wise…) in which case I’d be able to be in your home and not dying :) an excellent plus!

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