is the season when we prepare for Christmas.  It’s no secret that it is my favorite time of the year.

Besides doing golly things around town, exchanging gifts with friends, decorating the house like our own winter wonderland, eating cookies, and going to lots of beautiful worship services, B and I have our own special tradition.

It started this one semester that we had to celebrate advent in upstate NY.  We were more then a bit bored and decided it would be fun to make a little advent calendar.  We would then buy little presents for each other for each day on the calendar.   Then, every night we would open up a present and exclaim with glee.

That tradition has continued… here is our fourth annual advent calendars….

(B’s is on the left, mine on the right)

I am always excited to shop and open.  It makes me really love every single day before Christmas and extend that gift giving season a bit.  Plus, it’s fun to have our own little special something.

hmmm… what will we open tonight?

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