Kitchen Decor

We have a whole slew of draft posts coming your way this week, but i wanted to share a quick little something. Molly, of Orangette and Delancey fame, posted this morning a great pasta recipe, perfect for whipping up a quick holiday meal. She also shared that she is going back to writing after hiring new pantry and pastry chefs for the restaurant (we share her ‘squee’). Also, she is now selling a photo from the first dinner at the restaurant over at BigCartel. It seems a little voyeuristic, to put one of their website images up on your wall, but we have already had so many happy meals at Delancey that it seems very fitting i would want to put this in our kitchen.

Is that weird?


It just seems so fitting! (AND, its only $30. crazy!)

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2 thoughts on “Kitchen Decor

  1. oooooh very nice. and no it does not – that pasta recipe looks so tasty and I was so excited to see her blog in my reader this morning – and even more excited to see she’s going to be writing again!

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