Whatever, Martha

Photo via Martha Stewart Living

While working on some etsy and holiday projects this weekend, we got caught up on some of our DVRed Martha Stewart from the past few weeks. Well, apparently over Halloween weekend Martha tweeted asking readers how often they change their bedclothes. She said the average response was once a week, except for “one guy, who [gasp] waits 7 weeks!”. According to both Martha and her guest, their average was TWICE a week. TWICE A WEEK!

Now, i think most people have more than one set of sheets, so its feasible that you wouldn’t HAVE to do laundry in between changes, but this still seems excessive.

Reader Response Required. How far off is Martha on this one?

[btw – if you want more Martha hilarity, watch her daughter’s show on the Fine Living Network that inspired this post’s title. its hilaaarious]

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4 thoughts on “Whatever, Martha

  1. For us Martha is WAAAAY off. We’re not as terrible as 7 weeks, although I won’t lie it has been that long before, but we are probably about 2 to 3 weeks. Although more often closer to 2 with Aiden around. :)

  2. You will not want to know my answer!! You were brought up with sheets being changed once a week!!! That is how I grew up, too.–Mom

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