and what a terriffic wild rumpus it is!

So last night I went to see Where the Wild Things Are.  The Pacific Science Center was having an event to celebrate and had a before it comes out-to-the-rest-of-the-world screening.    They are having an exhibit right now on Animation that is neat-o!  Pre movie, me and some friends drank some cocktails and wondered around the exhibit.  One of my favorite sections was this short image animation station.  You take still images of the image you make and it loops them into a short for you.  


We all got King hats like Max, too!  pre-wild rumpus…

wtwta 015 copy

The movie?  Outstanding.  Gorgeous.  I love movies lately that have great cinematography, they are just too fun to watch.  Breathtaking.  They also did a great job of taking quite a short book and adding to it appropriately.  This was one of my biggest fears going in.. that they would take the book and go off on some crazy tangent.   


But really it was just perfect.  I just had fun believing Max’s story, loving the islands beauty, meeting all of the wild things…  I did enjoy how they chose to develop many of those characters, yet still left some questions unanswered.  There was still a bit of mystery out there into who they were and that was just fine by me.    My favorite part is when Carol shows Max his little sculpture, and the water flowed through his little village.  I got the crafty bug, and spent several movie moments after that thinking about what i could do with all the sticks in my yard….



so, to sum it all up…go see it.


and if you are in seattle…..


the IMAX at Pacific Science Center under the Space Needle is the largest screen in town…  It’s a bigger than life size rumpus over there!

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  1. We saw the movie the movie Saturday evening. It was simply fantastic. The artistic merit of this film will surely make it a classic. Carol certainly was portrayed perfectly as Max’s alter ego. Beware–I would not take a child under 6 or 7 to the film, however.

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