nj for labor day, part one

Over labor day, I {d} had the priviledge of being treated to a trip to NJ.  I grew up there, and my family still lives there.  I had not been since the holidays.  While that is always fun and family filled…. it lacks something I miss.


Well, I suppose there are actually waves during the month of December, but none that I wish to dive into!

The Jersey Shore during the summer is quite enjoyable.  When I was younger, my family and I would frequent the peninsula of NJ, a small town called Cape May.  In high school, friends and I would lounge in Belmar.   Now, my parents have a beachy abode in a teeny town called Ocean Grove. 

It doesn’t matter which exit you get off the parkway, imo.  The waves are incredible at each and every one.  This year was no exception. 

Both beach days had some rough waves, but swimming was allowed since the flags were only waving red, extreme caution.   I came out each day mostly unscathed.. just a swimsuit full of sand, some shells stuck in my curls, a mere ponytail holder swept away for the fishies to steady their braids.   My dad however lost yet another Tulane hat.   Oh, you didn’t hear?  Apparently Tulane is starting an underwater school for fishies off the coast of Ocean Grove, and my dad has singlehandedly outfitted the entire school with his years of Christmas presents from his darling daughter {that would be me, in case you are confused}.


montage1 copy


montage2 copy



and… here is a nice close up of us getting clobbered.  All I recall of this wave was that another of equal size came very soon afterwards.  I did was subjected to a few underwater somersaults before my legs caught air.  My dad would then laugh at me, for all he saw were two kicking feet above the surface.  hy-ster-ical.closeup copy

Special thanks to my mom for her picture taking while I jumped some waves and for only subjecting the other beach-goers to my paddle-ball playing for a few mere minutes.

{and stay tuned for tomorrow, a less wet version of my vacay, filled with shopping and food and town.}

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