a lil bit of happiness….

everything in this post makes me happy.

Ready for it?


Etsy and handmade craft.


Friends and their adorable babies.


Our friend Jo has a son who just  turned one.  Now, when invites went out to his birthday party, I was not the first to gasp, “wait, wasn’t Jo just telling us she was pregnant like two days ago?  Didn’t I just go meet this lil brown haired baby in the hospital?”

Evidently this year has gone by quickly.

Because now — That kiddo is one and all blonde and covered in blue frosting here.

Thanks to the whole family for such fun at his party!

Now lets get down to it…. You go to parties for two reasons {mostly} — cake and presents. 

What did we get the birthday boy?

B picked out the cutest book.  Its wooden, so it can deal with the toddler hands that will read it.  Plus the pictures are amazing!


It’s called Things that Go by Kid O.   I love the bulldozer!  If you investigate around that site you can see another book called Animal Homes.  Architecture for animals?  Yes please!


D has had her eye on one etsy shop for a while now… This designer makes great wooden toys of all types of things, but most memorably, all kinds of figures that you love as a kid!   (D might really want a set of Moomin figures for herself even!)  She asked Mamakopp to make the birthday boy a very special wooden toy…. his favorite…..




Thanks, birthday boy {and mom and dad} for a great part-ay!


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2 thoughts on “a lil bit of happiness….

  1. Aiden loves both of these presents! We have read the book every day and Nemo keeps moving between levels of the house – that’s a big deal. Usually it’s play and discard. :)

    Thanks for being a part of his special day!!

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