a birthday {cup}cake

One of our thoughtful birthday guests was happy to share with us at the party that the 18th of August {the birthday b’s actual birthday} is also national cupcake day.


how fitting for the birthday b, lover of cupcukes!


cake copy


For the festivus this year we had:

Tequila Nectarine Cakes

(yes yum!)

1 box of yellow cake mix and its ingredients

two large ripe nectarines

1 cup powdered sugar

the juice of one lime

the zest of one lime

1-2 shots of tequila


First, cut your nectarines into small pieces.  Tiny pieces.  Put them in a bowl with the lime juice, zest and tequila.  Stir and cover.  Refridgerate for 2 hours.

After that, prepare the cake batter as the instructions on the box call for. 

In cupcake dishes lined with pink parchment cups, put one spoonful of the batter in each one.  Then put one spoonful of the nectarine mixture in the cup.  (some fruit and some of the tequila too!)  Finally place two more spoonfuls of batter in each of the cups.  Now bake according  to the time and temperature on the box.

After they are done, let them cool completely.  While cooling, take the remainder of the nectarine mixture and mix it with powdered sugar until it desolves and is a thick glaze.  Add a little more lime juice  if it is too thick. 

After completely cooled, spoon on the glaze, making sure a few nectarine pieces remain on top of eat cake.

feed to the birthday girl and her party guests.

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