harry potter 6

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Princeboy, we are tired.   we are not on summer break like the majority of the HP6 midnight viewers, let me tell you.  seven am came way too early this am for us!

but, in the end, we were so glad we went.  our friend andrea was the chief hp6 organizer and champion seat scouter-outer.  We ended up in some of the best movie theater seats imo.  Perfectly centered and a little higher then halfway up.

1223644641850_3Harry-Potter-6-mif_640_320(Next time though i am bringing a neck pillow to nap during the two hours you are merely sitting in your seats in anticipation!)

but sleepy-ness at work aside, I thought the movie was terriffic!  Neither of us thought it was our fav HP flick to date, but certainly one to be excited about.  The cinematography of the movie was outstanding, probably best to date.  They were helped by a few scenes in beautiful places though.  It was also significantly funnier then the others – which I am pinning on the fact that there was a considerable amount of teen crushes.  Quite humorous on all accounts!

harry-potter-and-the-half-blood-prince-11I think complaints were that the movie went so quickly through the scenes, there was no pause or spare second in any scene.  They portrayed what they had to, spoke and then moved on.  They also left many many things out of the film.  Yes, i understand, they are trying to put a 600 plus page book clocked full of infor in under three hours, but …. if you had not read the book pre screening, you would have scratched your head quite a bit at what was going on. It makes me wonder how hey will do the seventh and make up for the deleted information in this one.

Early to bed for us tonight, that’s for sure!

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