look we have a yard!

When B and I first looked at the house, we marveled at the yard.   It’s big, has great shade, and is mostly flat.  There is no deck or patio, but that blank slate is kind of nice. 

From when we first looked at the house til we closed…. some serious time at elasped.  Some time, where the yard got out of control.  Sure, there already was hords of ivy.  But knee high grass and bushes with their own minds were something else entirely.

Thats why, on the first day of house owning, we started in on the yard. A bunch of extremely nice friends came over with only lunch for bribery to help.  40 yard waste bags later the ivy is gone, and we can actually see the back fence.  Woohooo!  It screams out, “please, throw a party back here” doesn’t it?    Just you wait …   :)

Here is before:


And After:

july 009

Two things:

The mounds of grass and yard waste are slowly deminishing week by week.

And huge yard gratitude goes out to B’s dad who not only pruned everything, but weed wacked the entire backyard when a mower would not go through it.  Oh, and if that wasn’t awesome enough, he came over the next night and mowed it without even telling us til after the fact.


have a great weekend everyone!   We will be doing more work on the house, but having some fun too….  stay tuned!

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