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I wanted to get around to finally sharing a couple of pieces I loved when visiting the Mint Museum of Craft Design on my February trip to Charlotte, NC. They have a portion of their permanent collection dedicated to jewelry design and I LOVE LOVE both these pieces.



Especially the cut steel by Vera Siemund. *drool*


There was also a BEAUTIFUL exhibit on contemporary Ceramics in Israel going on. Amazing sculptures and utilitarian objects in simple, earthy materials. Gorgeous!

Untitled by Noa Holzshtein
Untitled by Noa Holzshtein
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One thought on “mint museum of craft

  1. I also loved the piece that looks like lace and the Israeli Ceramics exhibition was phenomenal. I could not believe what they did with clay. It is always a pleasure to hear how much people enjoy seeing the permanent collections and the exhibitions. Come back soon.

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