and when life gives you a lemon house….

… you seriously must do something to make that lemonade.

The lemon yellow has got to stay for at least the next little while (aka one of us wins the lottery).

B has been playing around a bit with some exterior options… things we can do that are far less expensive then replacing lemon vinyl, that is.

We like the concept of a darker grey trim and a bold color for the front door.  We also have a small porch to think about and a new exterior light fixture on the shopping lists.

So, what do you think?

 Coral vs Turquoise Door:

door options

The trim on both of these I think appears a bit light due to the sun shining directly on the sample house.

(note, this is not our actual house.  These were done using the handy dandy and super easy Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer.  ALSO to be noted… when you use color visualizer and press print scene, you are given a ten dollar coupon to be used at your local Sherwin Williams.)

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4 thoughts on “and when life gives you a lemon house….

  1. Ooh I like the turquoise! I think it goes better with your general color scheme – even though it’s on the outside, the front door is like the bow to the whole package on the inside :)

  2. In theory I’m all for turquoise because it suits you, but I actually like how the coral looks with the yellow and gray. You’ll get some nice Curb Appeal, even with the yellow! Maybe I’ve been watching too much HGTV…

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