its a bird, its a plane…

. . .no, its a house!


as in, our house. OUR HOUSE. we, the ravennagirls, b, and d. we bought. . . a house. not trying to be melodramatic, but really, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :)

This has been quite the saga: we’ve been looking since February, making offers since March, and hoping for this place since April. Its a foreclosure, so between slow responses from the bank, a surprising twist with the appraisal, and assorted craziness, its been quite the ride. And we didn’t want to jinx it which is while we’ve been sharing the information around town slowly.

But as of Friday, at 4:58 pm (this is when the number was officially recorded), the house is OURS. and it feels great :) really great, to know that we are investing in ourselves and to know that we can make whatever decision we want.

Fear  not: the coming year will be full of a PLETHORA of before and afters, fun redesigns, and requests for opinions. Its gonna be a good time (read: tiring) but we’re SO excited.

This weekend we had some friends and workers over and we got a head start on yard work (we pulled out 33 yard bags full of ivy and clippings!), redesigning our wood paneled craft room (full post on that later), and switched out all the locks in the place.

So far, so good. Wish us luck!

our living room with a wood-burning fireplace!
our living room with a wood-burning fireplace!
view to the backyard
view to the backyard

[oh – and btw – even though our new neighborhood is called Maple Leaf, we are still the RavennaGirls and totally ok with that]

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