Since I moved to Washington almost two years ago (crazy, I know), I have seen only a handful of movies in a movie theater.  Poor movies out there, maybe.  Really —  I think it’s the fact there is too much amazing stuff here to do and movies never really make it to the top of that list.

Pixar coming out with a new flick?  OOO That sounds like fun if i can fit it into an hour when I will not miss a minute of sunshine.

It’s been 90 degrees here all week and I live & work without air conditioning.  And theaters have the magic of AC?  Pleassse, take me now, I will go see anything!


And boy, I am glad I did.  UP was terriffic!  I laughed so much and was completely entertained.  

The cast of characters is a motley crew that become intertwined in some way… a really old man, a young club scout, an adorable dog named Dug (without the o, it’s that clever?) and a gorgeous bird/flamingo/peacock thing.

So, bring your suspension of disbelief  (sure, people riding a leaf blower with a few balloons tied to it really can fly! ) and your sweatshirt and go to see it.  :)


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