Grilled Cheese Month

hey world, its b. gosh, i’m glad we finally have this blog, i feel like i have about a trillion things saved in my brain to post about. the problem with that, is that they’re getting in the way of work and life. so, here we go.

who knew that April was National Grilled Cheese month? I mean, the creator must have known, and probably that person’s friends and family, but this was news to me until about 10 days ago. Which, frankly, is shocking since i am probably the worlds largest grilled cheese consumer. Any combination of cheese, tomato product (in this case ketchup) and carbs, is fine by me. Since i’m not going to win ANTM any time soon, i figure i’m good to go. Pizza and pasta also fit into this cheese/tomato/carb category, but grilled cheese takes the proverbial cake.

So, last week when we decided to have some people over to say bon voyage to my man and play some games, we thought, perfecto! we can feed people with a grilly cheesy smorgasbord. D oblingly made a shop at good ‘ol TJs and bought us 3 types of bread and 5 types of cheese! oye! we cut everything in little sample size pieces, hooked up the griddle (which in our case it just the waffle maker’s plates flipped) and set to experimenting.

Options were as follows:


Bread: Ciabatta, 9 grain, poppyseed baguette

Cheese: Havarti, Asiago, Fontina, Mozzarella, Sharp Chedder

Other inserts: Canadian bacon, tomato (yuM!)



Look at all that cheesy goodness arranged so cutely in my lil turquoise dishes. Topped it off with some lavender vodka soda drinks and we had a great friday night. Here’s to springtime!

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